Since March 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic began, over 3.5 billion (350 crore) pills of “Dolo 650” have been sold in India, clocking sales of INR 576 crore. As the report went public, the netizens took over social media, and #Dolo650 started trending!

Twitteratti have been sharing funny memes and posts about the medicine on the social media platform. “From Polo to Dolo my life has changed alot. #dolo650,” tweeted one user. “Declare #dolo650 as the National medicine of India,” tweeted another person.

One person added, “Dolo 650 has become as necessary to Covid just like plum cake is in Christmas. #dolo650.”

Check out some of the other hilarious tweets here:

Dolo 650

Dolo 650 is manufactured by Micro Labs Limited, a Bengaluru-based privately held firm. Founded by G.C Surana, a pharmaceutical distribution, in 1973, the company is currently run by his son, managing director Dilip Surana. The company’s website states that it has an annual turnover of INR 2,700 crore, which includes exports of INR 920 crore.

Warning !

Excessive intake of medicine without proper consultation from doctor can lead to harmful side effects.

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