Zoom is rolling out a feature called Avatars that will let you create and use animated versions of your face in video calls and webinars. When you turn on the feature, Zoom’s software uses your device’s camera to detect where your face is on the screen to apply an animated avatar that mimics your expressions and head movements. That way, when you smile at someone else sharing the room or look serious while brainstorming a problem, they see it too.

This feature is available for both Zoom meetings and webinars and doesn’t require sending images of the user’s face to Zoom since all the processing happens on the device. It has currently been rolled out to Windows, macOS and iOS devices. Your Zoom desktop client or mobile app needs to be running version 5.10.0 or higher to use the feature.

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Do you want to change your avatar for your next meeting? Let me show you how.

  • Start a meeting in the Zoom client, and make sure your camera is turned on and that the programme has access to it.
  • On the ‘Start Video’ button, click the ^ symbol.
  • Select “Choose Video Filter…” from the menu that appears.
  • Select the ‘Avatar’ tab in the dialogue box that displays, which has a ‘BETA’ sign next to it.
  • Here you will be given several alternatives for your Avatar, including a cat, a cow, a rabbit, a polar bear, and a panda. All avatars will have either a hoodie or a T-shirt.
  • Make a choice for your Avatar.
  • By pressing the ‘Start Video’ button, you may enable video. (When video is enabled, this button becomes a ‘Stop Video’ button.)
  • With a new Avatar, continue your video call.

Due to the epidemic, the use of video chat platforms for both professional and personal purposes has expanded dramatically, and many individuals are complaining of ‘Zoom fatigue,’ where they become exhausted and fatigued from many video chats.

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