You can now send photos and videos that disappear from your WhatsApp chat after the recipient has opened them once. To use view once, please update WhatsApp to the latest version available for your device.

As the name suggests, the photo or video that you send disappears automatically after the recipient has opened it once. The photo or video will disappear from everywhere and hence, cannot be forwarded, shared, starred, or saved by the recipient on his/her device. For using the WhatsApp

How to Use View Once on WhatsApp?

The feature to ‘View Once’ works the same on all WhatsApp platforms. However, the layout can be a little different.

It is quite simple to send View Once photos and videos on WhatsApp. Just follow these steps:

Launch WhatsApp on your phone and open a chat to send media.

Tap the ‘Link’ icon, as usual, to choose your media (image or video) from your camera/gallery.

Select your media and tap the icon with the number ‘1’ in a dotted semi-circle to the extreme right of the ‘Add a caption’ textbox on the preview screen of the image.

Now hit the ‘Send’ button to send the image.

Despite all the safety measures, it is still advisable to send photos and videos using WhatsApp View Once feature only to trusted people as there is a small glitch – this feature is not supported by the screen detection feature. Although the media will be deleted after it has been viewed once, the recipient can still take a screenshot, or record it using a screen recorder or capture it using some other smartphone or secondary device. Hence, you need to be careful and share media with trusted contacts only even if you are using the WhatsApp View Once feature.

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