Shortcuts are the simplest way to boost your browsing productivity. They’re easy to learn and can speed up your browsing even if you just open Chrome to watch videos. Here we have some must-have shortcuts.

ActionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (Mac)
Open a new windowCtrl + n⌘ + n
Open a new tab, and jump to itCtrl + t⌘ + t
Open your home page in the current tabAlt + Home⌘ + Shift h
Open the previous pageAlt + Left Arrow⌘ [
Close the current tabCtrl + w⌘ + w
Close the current windowCtrl Shift⌘ + Shift + w
Minimize the current windowAlt + Space then n⌘ + m
Go to the top of the pageHomeShift Space
Quit Google ChromeAlt then x⌘ + q


Google Chrome tips & tricks


That funky little box at the top is called the Omnibox and it isn’t just for website addresses; this guy is also a calculator, currency converter, and more. You don’t even need to hit enter to see results, the Omnibox will immediately provide you with a result.

  • Simple math problems
  • Convert currency
  • Convert units

You can of course always use it as a search engine.

Restart Chrome

Type “Chrome://restart” into your Omnibox and Chrome will immediately restart. This closes and reopens all Chrome windows and tabs, except for incognito tabs. It will also close any other profiles you had open.

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